Architectural exterior sunshade design attention points and shading effect

Architectural exterior sunshade design attention points and shading effect

Building exterior sunshade is favored by more and more architectural designs as modern buildings pay more attention to energy conservation and intelligence. From the perspective of building energy conservation and maintaining indoor comfortable light environment, building exterior sunshade is obviously in building energy saving. More advantage.

Building exterior shading has two advantages:

1. the energy saving effect is good. The indoor sunshade generally adopted in China is an inefficient heat insulation method. The sunlight is sprayed on the sunshade through the glass, and the fabric or the metal curtain becomes a heat source, and the actual heat has entered the room. The outer sunshade or sunshade louver can block the strong light such as heat and ultraviolet rays in the first time, and the heat insulation effect is completely different from the effect of installing the curtain in the glass.

2. the building facade is decorative. Through the improvement of the external sunshade material and the choice of color tone, the facade of the building can also become rich and beautiful. It can be said that the external shading with high design level can make the appearance of the building more distinctive.

The effect of external shading has a great relationship with the structural design. Pay attention to the following points when designing:

1. Combination and construction of sun visor surface

Under the premise of obstructing the straight-line sunlight, there may be different combinations of panel surfaces, and more favorable forms such as ventilation, lighting, field of view, construction and facade treatment should be selected. In order to dissipate the hot air and reduce the influence on ventilation and lighting, the surface of the board is often made into louvers or partially made into louvers, or the intermediate layer is made into louvers. The visor material is usually made of aluminum alloy material, steel material or concrete material, but currently the aluminum alloy solar visor is widely used.

2.the installation position of sunshade louver and other external sunshade products

The location where the visor is installed has a great influence on heat protection and ventilation. For example, when the panel surface is placed close to the wall surface, the hot air heated by the heated surface will be introduced into the room by the outdoor wind pressure. In this case, the integrated sunshade is more serious. In order to overcome this shortcoming, the board surface should be installed at a certain distance from the glass wall surface so that most of the hot air is discharged along the wall surface, and the sun visor should be reduced as much as possible. Wind, it is best to also have the role of air guiding into the room. 

3. external shading products and colors

In order to reduce the self-weight, the sunshade member is preferably light in weight. The sunshade members are often exposed to the outdoors, exposed to the sun and rain, and are easily damaged, so the materials are strong and durable. If the sunshade is mobile, it is light and flexible for adjustment or removal. Aluminium visors are more recognized by the market. The outer surface of the material has a small absorption coefficient for solar radiant heat, and the appropriate shading material can be selected according to the above requirements and the actual situation.

The color of the sunshade components also has an effect on the insulation effect. In order to enhance the reflection of the surface and reduce the absorption, the side of the sunshade facing the sunlight should be a light-colored bright color, while on the back side of the sun, it should be a dark matt color to avoid glare.

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