Common sun room sunshade product introduction

The owners of villas and apartment buildings usually have one or two large terraces. Many owners will use them as a sun room, so that there is more sunshine in the house. In the winter, even if the sun room is not heated, it will be warm. But in the hot summer, strong sunlight shines directly into the sun room, causing the sun room to be like a steamer. At present, the sun room sunshade product has become the main measure to solve the summer sun room too hot, but what sunshade products are available in the sun room, and what products are most suitable for people are often not well understood.

The following are the common sun room sunshade products that allbest has arranged for you. Let us know about it. 

Outdoor sunshade

As the name suggests, the outdoor sunshade is a sunshade system installed outside the sun room. It is also the hottest sunshade product in the current development trend. The skylight is installed outside the glass roof of the sun room, which can effectively block the heat outside, so that the indoor temperature of the sun room is not too high. high. At the same time, it also strengthens the protection of the sun room and prolongs the service life of the sun room. The outdoor skylight system is suitable for all kinds of sun rooms.

The curtain products currently used are outdoor fabric roof awning and outdoor aluminum roller shutter sunshade.

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