New products, new features, new applications,horizontal roof roller shutter

Aluminum Horizontal Roller shutter for roof use
Sunline Automatic Aluminum European Energy-saving Roller Shutter System Life span up 15 years
Rolling Shutters combined prevention and sunshade with decoration functions, Rolling Shutter is a new generation product that will effectively replaces the traditional roof awning
Horizontal roof rolling shutters save energy design, when the rolling shutter closed, can saving 30% energy, obstructed 96% sunshine. 
Anti-rust, anti-lacerated, anti-mosquito, anti-theft, anti-noise, proof-hurricane, saving energy. 

1. Automatic Rolling Shutter System Perfomance: 

Shutter Slat option

32,42,55mm Extrusion profile; 45, 55 with foam

Guid Rail option

Horizontal roller blind special guide rail


30 ~ 50N.m (buili-in receiver tubular motor)


White, cream, grey and customized

Opening ways

electric, remote control, smart home WiFi control operation

Surface treatment

Powder Coating


6063T5 aluminum

2. Roller Shutter Quality Control: 

(1)Material Select: Using 97% purity aluminum ingot

(2)Production Standard: Highest standard in China

Product Introduction
Outdoor aluminum alloy sunshade awning all USES aluminum magnesium alloy can effectively resist the wind above 8 level,at the same time under the attack of heavy rain will not be deformed,but also can effectively protect the top glass form hail attack.The material surface adopts the high quality muti-layer baking process,which can play the role of acid resistance,corrosion resistance,beautiful and luxurious.Inside filled with fluorine-free polyurethane,with good heat insulation effect,sun shading rate can reach 100percent,with dimmong,shading,sun protect,lighting,ventilation,energy conservation and environment protection,rugged,heat insulation and cold prevention and other functions.
Suitable for the top of buildings,such as senior residence,apartment,Villa,sunshine room,office,etc.The facade of the sunshade can completely replace fabric,anti-theft net products.


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